2 to 5 Day Canoe Hire

£36.00 per person, per pay

Check availability below and book online now!

Search available dates via the calendar below and select the dates you wish to book. Multi-Day Trips are as follows:

Two Days – Glasbury-On-Wye to Preston-on-Wye
Three Days – Glasbury-On-Wye to Hereford
Four Days – Glasbury-On-Wye to Hoarwithy
Five Days – Glasbury-On-Wye to Ross-on-Wye

Please specify the total number of people you wish to book for. 2-seater canoes are provided for ,multi-day trip, allowing space for camping equipment. 1 large dry barrel and 1 small dry barrel will be included in your booking.

Prices are inclusive of drop off and collection.

Please note:
We do not advise a multi-day trip if travelling with children under the age of 12. As per our policy, there must be 1 adult per child when hiring canoes. 



CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!